Dems Reveal Who Could Face Trump in 2020

Not one year into the Trump administration, New Hampshire already is buzzing with the anticipation of 2020 and playing host to an early screen test for a parade of potential and declared White House hopefuls.

The state Democratic Party’s annual Kennedy-Clinton fall fundraising gala – held on a cold and windy November night this past Friday, in part to celebrate their 2017 victories and look ahead to the midterms – featured two headliners with an eye on the next presidential race.

Maryland Rep. John Delaney, who over the summer launched a stunningly early 2020 presidential campaign, told the audience that “hyper partisan politics is tearing our country apart.”

The message from the three-term congressman was “what we really need a president to do is to bring us together, to restore civility in politics and respect in public service.”


Read more at Fox News.

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That’s something the democrats are not capable of, their forte is to destroy this country by having open borders, transgender freaks running around and letting africans call the shots. Happy Black Friday. Why hasn’t the black community complained about this being a racist day? Guess they’re taking a day off from whining about everything.

Kenneth Hadler

I can agree with the statement in the last paragraph. That certainly rules out Hillary and Obama.