Mueller Team Accused of Going Rogue

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team running the Russia collusion probe are being accused by fellow attorneys of employing aggressive and questionable tactics in past cases, potentially putting a dent in his straight-shooter image.

As the investigation heats up and key players like former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus and press secretary Sean Spicer are interviewed by investigators, several attorneys with experience in federal cases spoke out with their concerns this week.

Harvey Silverglate, a criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts, wrote an opinion piece accusing Mueller of once trying to entrap him when Mueller was acting U.S. attorney in Boston.

“I have known Mueller during key moments of his career as a federal prosecutor,” Silverglate wrote for WGBH News. “My experience has taught me to approach whatever he does in the Trump investigation with a requisite degree of skepticism or, at the very least, extreme caution.”


Read more at Fox News.

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Irene Grooms


William C Farquhar

Mueller is getting desperate. His masters are demanding that he produce something and so far nothing has panned out. He will probably expand the witch hunt possibly even manufacturing evidence because he is getting desperate. Meanwhile it appears the we nay be inching closer t indictments against Hillary, Loretta and Billy boy. Thanks to Judicial Watch and the ACLJ.

Of course, if that is the case or it is remotely suspected, Trump should “FIRE” Meuller and the entire conglomerate of Meuller’s leftist compadre’s on the “Hate Trump” committee. Why should TRUMP Knowingly have a “KANGAROO COURT” sit in (so-called) judgement on himself and his Presidency ?????? It would be political suicide to do so. Not because he would be found GUILTY of any charges, but that “CONTRIVED LIES and RUMORED GOSSIP,” would be used to trty and destroy him and the LEFTIST MEDIA would make the rest of TRUMOP’S Presidency be hindered by incessant finger pointing and more MARXIST… Read more »
Steve Gertz
Has it occurred to anyone why the democrats, or the left, as some call them, are so hell bent on destroying this country? Simply because a Republican won the White House the left has invented all kinds of reasons why Trump should be impeached, but has not offered one shred of evidence that he has ever done anything wrong? And why is it that Obama broke every rule of law as president and the democrats never spoke a word? Is it because the left actually does want to destroy this country? Do they actually WANT muslim control? And why is… Read more »