Trump Lays Down Principles for New Immigration Laws

The Trump administration outlined a detailed list of immigration principles and priorities law late Sunday that could upend a previous deal with Democrats to allow hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants to remain in the country without fear of deportation.

The top immigration agenda items include funding a southern border wall and new limits on legal immigration to allow for only spouses and minor children to apply for permanent legal residency.

The immigration overhaul would provide the safe and swifter return of unaccompanied minors who seek admission to the United States at the southern border and require employers to use E-verify, a system that verifies workers are allowed to legally work in the United States.

Additionally, President Donald Trump called on Congress to pass a new law that would cut off federal grants to sanctuary cities and states, a move that would overturn a court injunction and settle the legal battle in his favor.


Read more at the Free Beacon.

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Sanctuary cities must be punished. Cut all federal funding and arrest the mayors of those cities for treason.

Joseph Kinge

That’s why we elected him. Make America Great Again, Mr. President!

Danny Reagan

President Reagan made the same deal with democrats, Amnesty with a promise of a wall later. You can not trust the democrats, one lie after another. Get the wall first.


~I’m your law and order candidate ~