YOU’RE FIRED: Trump’s Bold Decision

Tom Price resigned Friday as Health and Human Services Secretary following revelations of exorbitant amounts of taxpayer money spent on private plane travel.

Politico reported Thursday that Price’s travel tab exceeded more than $1 million. This includes military flights on a luxurious Gulfstream jet through Europe and Africa. Price also traveled domestically on private planes paid for by taxpayers, including on a short trip between Washington, DC and Philadelphia.

Don Wright will serve as Acting Health and Human Services Secretary. Wright was previously serving as deputy assistant secretary for health and director of the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

“He’s a very fine man. We’re going to make a decision sometime tonight,” Trump told reporters before Price’s resignation about the man’s fate. “I certainly don’t like the optics. I’m not happy, I can tell you that. I’m not happy.”


Read more at the Daily Caller.

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Eugene Clark
Well, we have to give our guy TRUMP an A+ for Consistancy !!!!!!! He doesn’t mince words nor tolerates any behavior inconsistant with what is expected from ALL his Cabinet Officers. TOM PRICE may have been the BEST HHS Candidate, ever but his common sense relative to his exhorbitant choices in travel arrangements was an eror of judgement that did not fly well ( no pun intended) with the average American taxpayer, and rightfully so. Trump could have accepted a full reparation for the money spent on Flights made, but it would NEVER soothe the wrath of anyone who was… Read more »

Way to go Trump! Removing Tom Price was at the top of the ULT Left’s agenda from the start. Hello?