Leftist Professor Who Disrespected Police Now In Serious Trouble

The John Jay College professor who said it is a “privilege to teach future dead cops”has gone into hiding amid an avalanche of death threats.

Mike Isaacson told The Post on Sunday that he fled the city — and refused to reveal his whereabouts — after his offensive Aug. 23 tweet.

But he was unrepentant.“I was not really considering that people would take this seriously,’’ said the clueless adjunct economics teacher, who was put on paid leave from the Manhattan CUNY school of criminal justice.

But he was unrepentant.


Read more at the NY Post.

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Hope he needs a Police Officer some day to save his life and they are none available.

Kenneth Hadler

Too many college kids follow these professors like the Pied Piper!

PJ BigSpud

Disgusting individual. I think all death threats should be treated seriously – we can’t have a society that goes down that path. However, he was criminally (the irony) capricious and irresponsible – obvious from the fact that he pulled the “Just kidding…” schtick when he realized what he had said kited up the media tower. Irresponsible. And these knuckleheads pass themselves off as elitests, and pollute young peoples’ minds. Probably harboring in CA with Kathy Griffin, now.


That’s funny!