Islamic Terrorists Target President Trump With This

An al Qaeda-backed media group has issued a “wanted poster” for President Donald Trump that features a picture of the U.S. president with the words, “Wanted dead or alive for crimes against Islam,” according to a copy of the poster and accompanying screed published by a Middle East media watchdog group.

Al-Hijrah Media, a pro al Qaeda group, released a statement earlier this week seeking the death of Trump for the United States’ involvement in Afghanistan, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI.

Credits: via Free Beacon

In addition to the wanted poster, the group released a statement lashing out at America for its continued presence in Afghanistan.

The “message to Trump and the Americans” claims that the United States is “weaker today than ever” and that it continues to fail in its efforts to defeat jihadi groups in Afghanistan.


Read more at the Washington Free Beacon.

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Kenneth Hadler

Looks like someone is “playing with fire.” It sounds like it is time to pull all our troops AND AID from their midst and make sure to lock the gates so nobody from there can enter the USA.

gene smith

Throw ALL OF THIS VERMIN from our Country….every damned useless one of them and burn their castles of hatred behind them so there is no mistake about our resolve or their “Welcome.”