Crooked Hillary’s Latest Stunt Will Have Patriots Spinning in Their Graves

Former failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton compared herself to the historical American patriot Paul Revere, as she continued ranting about the effect that Russia had on the presidential election.

“I feel like I’m a bit of a, you know, Paula Revere,” she said, adjusting the gender of the famous American patriot. “I’m trying to sound the alarm about this.”

The former Secretary of State made her remarks in an interview with Stephen Colbert, insisting that the Russians were successful in tilting the election in favor of Trump.

“I think that they believe they had a good outing in 2016, and I think they will be back in 2018 and 2020, unless we stop them,” she said.


Read more at Breitbart.

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I guess we will continue to hear from this old crow until she croaks. Talk about a sore loser!

Kenneth Hadler

Well, she should know what a strong effect the Russians had on the 2016 election since her campaign was in collusion with them and the Obama administration had so much wiretapping in place.


She’s a nut.