Obama’s Brother Roasts Him For Immigration Hypocrisy

Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s older half-brother and noted Trump supporter, recently blasted him for not practicing what he preached when it comes to immigration.

On Twitter, Malik Obama wrote: “Barack Obama calls President Trumps decision on ending DACA “cruel”. Complete Hypocrisy!Why didn’t he lift a single finger to help his Aunt?”.

This is not the first time that Malik has put his brother on blast for failing to support his Kenyan relatives, after a scathing oped released on the NY Post just prior to the 2016 election in which he endorsed his support for Donald Trump. The aunt Malik is referring to is Zeituni Onyango, a Kenyan relative who came to the US as a refugee, who was denied asylum and remained in the country illegally until granted asylum in 2014. Instead of attempting to help his aunt, Obama threw her under the bus because it was politically damaging – despite his family story penned in his “Dreams of My Father” being largely responsible of his rise to fame.

In an attempt to stay relevant, Barack Obama has continually criticized Trump’s constitutional actions when it comes to deporting illegal immigrants and ending executive amnesty of the so called “Dreamers”.

Malik Obama, himself a legal immigrant and now naturalized US citizen, is the founder of the Barack H. Obama Foundation, named after his and Barack’s father.


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