Steve Bannon Comes Down On White Nationalists

Former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon believes that Americans should shun white nationalists, Neo-Nazis, and the KKK.

He explained his position during an interview with CBS anchor Charlie Rose, while defending President Donald Trump’s response to the protests in Charlottesville.

“[T]he Neo-Nazis and Neo-Confederates and the Klan, who, by the way, are absolutely awful – there’s no room in American politics for that,” Bannon said. “There’s no room in American society for that.”

Bannon continued that Trump was taking a position of support for the First Amendment, and defending Confederate monuments as part of national heritage.


Read more at Breitbart.

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I noticed he didn’t have the guts to tell people to shun BLM and other anti-White groups. In a country intended to be an all White nation, we have no voice. africans, mexicans are allowed to be racist but dare to look at one of them cross-eyed and I’m a White Supremacist. Mr. Bannon is just another apologist for the real racists, not to mention traitor to his race. I’ve yet to see a black leader chastising his racist people. It’s like watching White men idolizing black athletes. When is the last time you saw a black person gushing over… Read more »