Exploitative Teacher Sues School After She Was Caught Doing This

A former Harlem elementary school teacher is suing the Department of Education to remove her name from a blacklist that prevents her from working with children at programs funded by the city.

Monica Johnson, 49, was fired in 2008 when an investigation confirmed that she was having her students give her massages in class. School officials say Johnson had her fifth-grade students “rub lotion on her legs and feet and comb her hair during instruction time.”

Johnson worked various education-related positions following her firing but decided to sue after her application to work at a DOE-affiliated after-school program was denied.

“The nature of your professional misconduct, in addition to the exploitation of your position within the department, causes grave concern when considering your application for security clearance to work with a DOE-contracted vendor,” officials wrote to Johnson.


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Irene Grooms

She should be fired and never to work with children period.

Deplorable Lanie

I cannot believe that in any universe her actions would not be considered utterly disgusting and morally repugnant. She needs to be great-full she is not in jail and quit her bellyaching!


She is not a teacher, she is a moocher on taxpayer dollars…fire her for good!

WE don’t have teacher unions in Texas so taxpayers don’t have to foot the bill.