Army General Praises Trump for This Change in Policy

Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend offered a vote of thanks to President Trump, for ending the micromanagement of the Obama administration as he prepares to turn over his command of the U.S.-led counter-ISIS coalition, he

“We don’t get second-guessed a lot. Our judgment here on the battlefield in the forward areas is trusted. And we don’t get 20 questions with every action that happens on the battlefield and every action that we take,” Townsend said. “I don’t know of a commander in our armed forces that doesn’t appreciate that.”

One of Trump’s first tweaks to the strategy designed to defeat ISIS more quickly was to delegate more authority to commanders in the field to make tactical decisions, without having to call back to Washington for permission.

Military commanders privately grumbled that the review process for even simple requests, such as moving forces around on the battlefield, could take days and required the submission of lengthy decision memos for the President Obama’s appraisal.


Read more at the Washington Examiner.

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Duane Hayes

Obama, the worst President we’ve ever had!

M J Deneen

Amen brother!!


The same politicians who complain that DACA must not be repealed don’t have the guts to pass legislation codifying anything like it. Is their argument that amnesty must be preserved for some? Where do we draw the line? We’ll never know because our gutless politicians won’t say.