Another Country Takes Radical Actions To Stop Islamists

Tajikistan legislators passed a law that effectively bans hijabs, joining a long list of countries that limit or ban Islamic dress.

The new law requires citizens to “stick to traditional and national clothes,” which means either uncovered hair or a scarf tied behind the head, along with long dresses for women, according to Radio Free Europe. The law does not specifically outlaw the hijab, or variations of Islamic veils for women, but enforces a traditional Tajik dress code that a hijab would violate.

“It’s really dangerous,” Tajik Minister of Culture Shamsiddin Orumbekzoda told RFE. “Everyone looks at them with concern, like they could be hiding something under their hijab.”

The law may be the final nail on the coffin for hijabs in Tajikistan, as it joins restrictions already in place against the Islamic dress. Women wearing hijabs are forbidden from entering government offices. Tajik authorities removed hijabs from 1,700 women, shaved the beards of 13,000 men, shut down 162 stores that sold hijabs, and arrested 89 “hijab wearing prostitutes” in January 2016, according to the Daily Mail.


Read more at the Daily Caller.

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Duane Hayes

One country with common sense!

Patsy Autry

We once had a woman Marine search a ‘woman’ wearing the Muslim garb, and ‘she’ turned out to be a man. He’s at Gitmo. He admitted that it was a test to see if he could get into our compound.

Steve Gertz

Way to go Tajikistan. But personally I would prefer to be able to recognize the islamists. Yes, profiling works. If you see a crown of 1000 people and one is wearing a hijab, Guess which one is likely carrying a bomb?


Good for them.

John Craig

Great job Tajikistan!!!!