New Report Shows True Effectiveness of Transpeople in the Military

The average transgender soldier will spend 238 days recovering from sex change surgeries and unavailable to deploy, according to an Obama administration study.

The Trump administration’s transgender ban places deployability as a determining factor into whether to admit transgender individuals into the military. The White House outlined guidelines to implement the ban within six months in a memo to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

The ability to be deployed to war zones or bases around the world is an issue for transgender soldiers who undergo taxpayer-funded sex change operations, according to a study by the RAND Corporation.

The 2016 study was commissioned by the Obama administration, which favored opening the ranks to transgender individuals, and funded by the office of former secretary of defense Ash Carter.



Read more at the Free Beacon.

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gene smith

If the powers that be were to just very politely say NO to the Taxpayers / Military / Federal Govt..etc. providing Transgender surgery for these folks, THE PROBLEM WOULD SOLVE ITSELF.
I am certain that getting the surgery done FREE is a huge enducement to these folks.


Just why should we have to pay for their reassignment surgery? Obama messed up everyone’s health insurance. There are more people than ever before that have no insurance or crap insurance which doesn’t really pay for anything at all, but we are supposed to pay for these people’s elective surgery. By the way, since when does insurance pay for elective surgery anyway?