Communist Insurgents Are Escalating Their War Against the US Government

A group of anti-Trump demonstrators used gas canisters, rocks and bottles to assault police Tuesday night and create havoc at what officials said was mostly a peaceful protest in Phoenix.

Video captured by a local reporter also shows a smoking object being thrown at police while hundreds of officers attempted to keep order at a rally after President Trump’s speech at the Phoenix Convention Center had ended.

Read more at Fox News.

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Merida McKnight

The police needs to SHOOT the creeps! And the Law needs to get soros for funding them!


Right on, Merida. Time to start bringing out the National Guard to mow them down. It’s the only way to stop these maggots if they start dying at these violent protests.

Yes, Soros needs to be arrested and his funds seized to pay for all the damage he has caused.

I don’t remember seeing any conservatives causing damage or attacking the police when the Affirmative Action baboon was in the white House. No class, lowlifes are attracted to these liberal groups.