How The Mainstream Media Ignored Half the Story in Charlottesville

The heated debate over the weekend about whether President Trump was enabling white supremacist groups revealed the mainstream media’s eagerness to label him a racist. Yes, Trump should have more unambiguously spurned racists who invoked his name as inspiration for their violence, but the mainstream media’s coverage and Trump haters’ reaction also showed the knee-jerk, decrepit nature of this country’s discussion on race.

When a white nationalist rally ended in violence in Charlottesville on Saturday, President Trump tweeted, “We all must be united & condemn all that hate stands for.”

When it was confirmed that a female counter-protester died and more than a dozen were injured, Trump said on Sunday, “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides.”

In turn, pundits and politicians alike lambasted Trump’s failure to explicitly name white supremacists in his condemnation.


Read more at the Washington Examiner.

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Oh, but when africans commit violent acts, riot and loot, the liberal idiots are silent. The George Soros BLM movement has been violent and causing trouble all over the country. The media was conveniently silent as africans went around the country playing the knock-out game against Whites. Hypocrites! If you’re White and protest, you’re a White Supremacist, if your african and protest you’re within your rights and doing the right thing. The police should never been told to stand down, especially when the violence is being perpetrated by africans, that’s why they continue to riot and loot when things don’t… Read more »
Proud vet
If it does not promote their agenda they will not cover it. Brian Williams last week who works for one of the major networks had says I am not here to tell the news I am here to scare the people. This is what the media does exit 6 to destroy the publican party but being conservative people who But even our heritage in our culture. This is the work that’s going to get physicallyworse as this continues, as the copsor told to stand down, it will have to take the citizenry to organize the militias once again to take… Read more »
H. David Bishop
The disgusting fact of the matter is that there are people in this world who thrive on hate/rage and no matter how you try to placate them, they will never be satisfied. Sad to say there are those who have designated themselves the conscience of the nation and they will always try to “make things better”by patronizing people. Add to that combination the notion they KNOW what we all need –except “they” cannot agree on the “right way” to correct, satisfy and mollify the anger of the people. Mix in those who rage against undefined tyranny; the rage of being… Read more »
Kenneth Hadler

I think you are right on track, Patsy!

Patsy Autry
I am TOTALLY disgusted with the Liberal Media. NO MATTER what President Trump says or does, they pick it to pieces…I am also disgusted that the police in Charlotte DID NOT do their jobs. If this was politically motivated makes it even worse. The mayor, sheriffs, police who did not do their jobs should be fired on the spot. The mayor should be arrested or warned…or whoever gave them the orders not to defend the citizens in Charlotte. This is disgraceful and frightening. Also, the Mayor and others in Chicago do that and have done it. So, they now have… Read more »