Loony Mayor Candidate Wants to Do This To Police Officers

A Minneapolis mayoral candidate and current Minnesota state representative has proposed disarming police officers.

Democratic Rep. Raymond Dehn’s proposal calls for drastic changes to the Minneapolis Police Department, starting with disarming police officers and encouraging them to use non-lethal force.

“Officers don’t need to carry guns on their person all the time. Currently, officers carry all sorts of assault weapons in their cars. So why can’t one of those weapons be the side arm? It’s important that we begin to have a conversation, and I would say that all things are on the table,” Dehn said.

According to Dehn, there are other options for police officers outside of lethal force, including pepper spray and batons.


Originally published by The Blaze.

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The Texan

While your at it they can leave their protective vests in the car and have a bulls eye painted on their uniform.

Gary Jensen

If that came to pass, the mayor will be the only one out there taking calls. He does not realize that London Bobbies carry guns. He needs to go in first on a shooting call.