Liberal Fake News Website In Deep Trouble

So-called “fact-checking” website is reportedly on the verge of financial collapse since one if its founders has been accused of using company cash to fund his contentious divorce and to pay for fancy vacations with his new wife, a former escort and porn actress.

The financial situation has apparently become so dire that Snopes owner David Mikkelson launched a crowd-funding website to solicit donations, according to London’s Daily Mail. Readers contributed more than $500,000 in just the first 24 hours.

As WND has, a website that’s been around since 1995, is sometimes cited by other “fact-checking” sites to support their claims. Facebook has even indicated it plans to use Snopes as one of its arbiters of “fake news.” But WND revealed the site has been criticized by conservatives for a left-leaning bias and admits it has no standard procedure for fact-checking.’s founders, former husband and wife David and Barbara Mikkelson, have been embroiled in a lengthy and bitter legal dispute in the wake of their divorce. At one point, Barbara accused the CEO of using company money for prostitutes. Barbara Mikkelson also accused her ex-husband of embezzling more than $100,000 in company funds. She urged the court to limit access to David’s bank account because she said she feared he would drain the company funds due to his wild spending habits.


Originally published by World Net Daily.

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Joanne Walczak

it is surprising how many people fell for these charlatans.They were at the beginning part of the Saint Petersburg Times( very liberal,left leaning newspaper)So it seems this sterling pair are in deep do-do.


I had heard that is a George Soros funded venture. Wonder if checking Snopes on that would prove out.

Fred Ward

Wow! Liberals stealing money and engaging in corrupt practices! Will wonders never cease.


These despicable pathological liars deserve whatever bad things, which befall them! I believe it is called KARMA!