ALERT: 2 Dangerous Armed Illegals Busted Through the Border

Police in this Mexican border state continue to hunt for two Los Zetas gunmen who escaped a battle by driving to Texas and back without U.S authorities stopping them. Contrary to information released by Washington, the shooters remain at large.

The violence occurred last week when two Los Zetas gunmen riding in a white Toyota Tundra with Mexican plates fought with Coahuila state cops in a high-speed chase and throughout this border city, injuring eight cops and causing multiple crashes, Breitbart Texas reported.

To avoid capture, the cartel gunmen made their way to one of the two international bridges that connect this border city with Eagle Pass, Texas. They rammed their way through various vehicles, turnstiles, fences, and other security measures set in place by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Breitbart Texas has been able to confirm that the gunmen were able to leave the area before any gunfire was exchanged.

Rather than stay in Texas, the gunmen made a short drive through some city streets in Eagle Pass and quickly drove back to Mexico. While U.S. law enforcement gathered at the #2 International Bridge to investigate the prior incident, the gunmen drove through International Bridge #1, a facility that was closed at the time and had minimal security.


Originally published by Breitbart.