Sharia Law Takes Over Kindergarten

Salzburg has banned pork in city-run kindergartens in what local officials have defended saying it meets the needs of Muslim children.

The ban was not advertised or announced and has been in place for some time until parents of children attending kindergartens in the city noticed that pork was never present on school menus. An official from the Salzburg mayor’s office said the ban on pork was both for health reasons and “among other things, the needs of Muslim children”, Kronen Zeitung reports.

The office of the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) deputy mayor Anja Hagenaue confirmed the accusations saying that while there was no official order given by the left wing government, the ban had been in place for around five years. Ms. Hagenaue added the children preferred chicken and carrots to pork.

Salzburg is the second regional capital in Austria to ban pork from the school menu, the first being Bregenz in Austria’s most western region of Voralburg.


Originally published by Breitbart.

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Bev West
Have they also changed their meat standards… making sure they use ONLY Muslim approved, ‘halal’ processed meat? If my child’s needs require ‘gluten free’ foods only… will the school make sure ALL the children also eat gluten free? If another child has a peanut allergy.. will they do away with ALL foods that may contain peanuts or peanut oil, or do they tell the family to provide their own child’s meals (called sack lunches)? Why must EVERYONE be expected to kowtow to the religious ideology of people who want nothing more than to take over and control the ‘civilized’ world…..… Read more »
Craig Vandertie

*Battle of Vienna, those brave men who died to keep those demon soldiers out of Europe did so in vain, those idiotic European leaders are destroying the cultural history of so many people from all over the world as in anyone of European descent dating back 2-3 thousand years and that includes myself.