Dems Could Be At Fault For Failure To Find DNC Leaks Source

Former Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman Donna Brazile is the high-ranking DNC representative who allegedly called police and the family of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich and demanded to know why a private investigator was “snooping” into Rich’s death, the private eye revealed to WND Monday.

“The high-ranking DNC official that called the police after I inquired about Rich’s case was Donna Brazile,” veteran homicide detective Rod Wheeler told WND. “Why shouldn’t I reveal who it was?”

Brazile, who was also a CNN contributor and a Hillary for America donor at the time, was caught providing Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton with questions that would later be asked of Clinton at a televised CNN town hall. In an interview with Fox News before the election, Brazile denied leaking the questions to Clinton. But in a March 17, 2017, column for Time magazine, she finally admitted doing so, saying it was a “mistake I will forever regret.”

A spokesman for the Rich family has repeatedly criticized detective Wheeler, who was hired by Rich’s family in March to find the DNC staffer’s murderer, for not ruling out the possibility that Rich may have leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks. The Rich family recently sent Wheeler a “cease and desist” order to stop his investigation into the murder.


Originally published by World Net Daily.

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Vernon Wheatley

They found the leak a couple of weeks ago and shot him in the back Clinton Style.


The CRIME SYNDICATE Democrat now Communist party have more murders committed than just about any other Crime Cartel.Keep it up and the DRUG Cartels will be outdone


They do know who the leak was. They have made certain that he will leak no more. Their search now is just so that they can say ‘that wasn’t us. Look over there.’. Hint – If a robber shoots and kills you, he will take your watch, wallet, phone, and anything else of value that you have with you.

Mike F
We have a real crime committed here and rather than investigate that, all they want to do is keep wasting time and taxpayer dollars (like they always do!) going after unfounded accusations against our Duly Elected President. Obama committed one treason after another, allowing terrorists and Mexicos’s worst criminals over our border, which Obama made even more porous than ever, ran up a $21 Trillion debt and put 95 million of our LEGAL citizens out of work while favoring foreigners, yet no investigations for all Obama’s REAL WRONGDOINGS. Time to end this costly, wrongful, ill-fated fishing expedition, generated by continually… Read more »
Very well Mike. The crime and corruption in the DNC and past President need to be exposed. Trump is doing a great job for what all he is dealing with from the DNC and the bias media. They do this to keep themselves from being exposed. The American people that care for our country can see what they are doing and do not believe all their lies. What a great country we could have if they would shut up and do their jobs we pay them to do. So sick of all their lies and promoting violence every where. Our… Read more »