[ALERT] The White House ‘May Massacre’ for Trump Loyalists

There’s a big exodus of Trump loyalists in the White House set to take place, but it’s not exactly what you think.

The trouble begins with who’s in charge of the hiring in the White House. Cernovich media reports:

Johnny DeStefano, a GOP elite loyalist who never vocally supported Trump, was somehow given the most important job in a presidential transition. As director of presidential personnel, DeStefano decides who will work in the Trump administration. DeStefano has been using his power to undermine Trump in several ways.

Johnny DeStefano, head of personnel and policy for President Donald Trump, has blocked Trump supporters from the White House, twenty-three people with directly knowledge of hiring and personnel have reported to me.

Here’s where it gets much, much worse. Many Trump loyalists were brought in as what’s called “Scheduled C Federal Employees. They are temporary employees with 120 day contracts. Many of them will expire this month.

Cernovich estimates that 800 of these employees are Trump loyalists and less than 15% of them have been put into a long-term/permanent employment. THIS is a HUGE problem for obvious reasons.

The fewer Trump loyalists in the White House, the larger the influence the “Never Trump” elitists will have on the President and his policies.

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Originally published by American Action News.

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Mike F

Trump has to clean out the swamp and do some White House Cleaning, to remove all non-loyalists/Obama holdout spies. Trump values loyalty and needs to have a clear path to get America back to greatness, so we can become the strong nation we once were before Obama tore much of it down, leaving an insurmountable $21 trillion debt and 95 million Legal American Citizens – UNEMPLOYED! What Obama did, with his Lib-Den and Muslim-Plants is unforgiveable, so Mr. Trump needs all the help he can get to get U.S. moving, once again, in the RIGHT direction.