Gowdy’s Shocking Announcement About Clinton Crime

Republican South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy said on Fox News Tuesday night that the Clintons’ “entanglements” with the Department of Justice run much deeper than the average viewer may know.

On Fox News’ “The Story,” Gowdy cryptically told host Martha McCallum that he believes “history will be much kinder to Jim Comey in that July press conference than the Democrats were.”

“I think he had access to information that, because he is a stand-up guy he’s not gonna disseminate classified information (though God knows everybody else is)…so all your viewers see is this meeting on the tarmac,” he explained.

“Jim Comey had access to additional information that I am convinced left him with no other choice but to make the decision he made in July,” Gowdy said.


Originally published by the Daily Caller.

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How long does it take to find somebody with the guts to go after the Clintons so they can be locked up like the criminals they are? Selective prosecution! If a Republican had half the dirt on their hands as the Clintons do, he would have locked up long ago.

C Howard
God bless you Trey Gowdy. Do as you must, knowledgable people understand about ‘getting the ducks in a row’ and you are surely the one to do this and to protect our Republic. I would choose no other and my husband, a former lawman, also approves. We are sick and tired of sick and tired, time for Hillary to hit the showers on the way to well-earned legal rewards. She should have thought twice about being invincible. She was never much in any role, time and past time to step off the national stage and yield to those who are… Read more »
nancy cascarelli
Mr. Gowdy, Please continue to do the “right thing.” You cannot be good if you are living with sins of omission. I’m NO religious geek but you , Sir, must accept what you know and you must do the “right thing.” I have valued your point of view, honesty and integrity heretofore. I think you are very knowledgeable and can be a role model in the much needed support of President Trump. I was from the beginning and still am his supporter. More so now as we see he IS what this country needs to be the nation I grew… Read more »

I agree, stop with the “teasers” and release it. Trey Gowdy, please don’t play the game, you’re the one that always made people accountable, enough already. Release it, or give it up, already, it’s getting old very quickly.

Original Anna
Gowdy is starting to sounds like Comey. If there is any information at all about anything who is stopping it from coming out. This crap is getting tiring and I don’t know about anybody else but I am getting fed up with this ring around the rosy game. Either get the information out or drop it and run the damn gov’t. And since it is Obama people still in position in the gov’t spots I am going to assume they are the problem about not getting the information out. Trump hasn’t moved that many people into position yet so it… Read more »