Clinton Cover-up? DNC Staffer Conspiracy Resurfaces

There is tangible evidence on the laptop of a former DNC staffer that confirms he was talking to WikiLeaks prior to his murder, a private investigator suggested Monday.

Seth Rich was killed last July in what authorities have called a robbery gone awry.

But Rod Wheeler, a former DC homicide detective and Fox News contributor, is leading a parallel investigation into Rich’s murder.

Wheeler told Fox 5 DC that he believes there is a cover-up and the police department may have been told to back off the investigation.


Originally published by the New York Post.

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Nothing will come of it along with all the other murders surrounding the Clintons and the DNC. If we changed the requirement to vote from age to IQ it would end this treasonous party.

Vernon Wheatley

Clinton Machine got him.

Arnold Wolf
The Democratic and Republican parties do not want Trump in office. He is attempting to drain the swamp of the DemRep cabal. This would cause them to lose their power and money to this effort to get rid of them, possibly imprison them. It is difficult to say whether the new FBI director will investigate the Hillary/Obama effort to murder Seth Rich because he exposed Hillary and she lost. This murder exposed would mean the end of the Democrat and Republic employees of Americans for the next thirty years. TRUMP PROMISED TO DRAIN THE SWAMP and the politicians are very… Read more »