Watch Michelle Obama React To Trump Destroying Her Legacy

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So typical coming from an affirmative action first lady, doesn’t know the first thing about nutrition but ranting like a baboon as if she does.


“Good” food is MEANINGLESS if children won’t eat it. Stupid fcking democrats!


If it was really ‘good’ food the kids wouldn’t be throwing it away. You can’t force kids to eat what they don’t like. You can’t turn simple slightly trained people into chefs who are capable of turning most any food into something edible and most of all, you can’t wish school systems into having access to affordable ‘good’ food. It was a really bad, failed program that left kids hungry and angry.


Did you hear this fool? Because she is a former flotus she now is an expert on nutrition! While her motives seem right, the facts were no one was eating her dietary suggestions! The millions that school depts threw away was astronomical but why would she care about someone else’s money? She spent 90 million of our tax dollars on vacations.

Mike A
Here’s my take on this as a parent in the form of a question for our former First Lady. If our opinions and choices are so important to you on this, then where were you when children’s lunches that thier parents had prepared for them were being taken away under your program? I never heard a word from her. And those incidents were all over social media so she can’t say she didn’t know about them. See it’s not so much a question of eating healthy to her and her lackeys. It’s more a fact of they will eat what… Read more »

You a very right! Where do they get off taking lunches away from children that were prepared by their parents? Since when has Michelle Obama become the parent of our children? The way I see it is, if parents are health conscious, chances are they are already packing healthy lunches for their children. And for those children who are on the free lunch program, what good is it to put food in front of them they won’t eat? They’ll skip the meal and that is unhealthy.

I agree with both of those who have already addressed this insane issue. First of all, while it may be true, the menu Michele recommends may or may not be healthy, “What Difference Does It Make” when the kids throw the crap into the garbage can because they hate the taste of the junk/crap they are forced to eat. This leaves us with only one solution, if the kids refuse to eat that food and throw it away, then we are fools to continue to pay for food that is being wasted. It takes absolutely no common sense whatsoever to… Read more »
Iris Cox

If our former First Lady would leave behind a GOOD LEGACY , it would not have to be overturned. Would Michele eat what she wants children to eat ? Would the private school where her daughters attended fix the mush she expects public schools to prepare ? I don’t think so….


Her legacy is non existent don`t forget she was never proud of our country. Now she is going to tell parents what the should feed the children.When are these people going to go away.


MamaObama is an idiot!! Schools wasted more food that she says was healthy than in past years of school food! Who left her as an expert in nutrition? Does she have a degree in nutrition? She is a fool and continues to prove that by flapping her jaws.