Democrat Candidate’s Deep Dark Secret Revealed

A Montana Democrat running for Congress is also a popular performer at a nudist camp, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Rob Quist, seeking a congressional seat in the state, is a frequent performer at Idaho’s Sun Meadow Resort, which features nudists looking for a “family nudist experience.” Quist is in the centerpiece of the nudist resort’s website that promises he will perform with his daughter, who is also exhibited as a singer. The duo are not advertised naked, though the website is replete with others who are.

The nudist camp is providing this degree of publicity now as it has in the past, as Quist has been a prominent performer at the nudist resort.

Quist first gained renown at the nudist resort in 2009, when he played at the second annual “Skin to the Wind Festival of Fun” that was designed to set a record for the biggest skinny dip ever attempted in North America.


Originally published by the Daily Caller.

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This freak is one of many in the Obama LGBT and Democrat/Communist party


I fail to see how this is any sort of Deep Dark Secret, nor do I see how this would effect the ability to run for office in any way (unless he tried to show up at work in the nude), in fact, the only negative I see at all here is that he is a Democrat. I really feel a “Who the hell cares” coming on.

Jo Rogers

So this makes him more likely to be elected by Democrat leftists, right?