Here’s Who’s Taking Over O’Reilly’s Spot

Weeks before it was official, there were murmurings that if Bill O’Reilly‘s Fox News career exploded into flames that Tucker Carlson could easily fill the void.

As quickly as Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch announced Tuesday that O’Reilly was a goner, news of Carlson taking over his time slot shook the Internet.

Even talk show host Jerry Springer wrote to congratulate him.

Beginning Monday, April 24th, Tucker Carlson Tonight will take over the 8PM timeslot, broadcasting live from FNC’s Washington, DC bureau.

Originally published by the Daily Caller.

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I am so glade Bill O’Reilly is gonna be gone. Tired of hearing about his Books, tired of hearing about his Shirts, tired of him reading E-mails and tired of him picking out words that no one has any use of remembering. The worse he did was when he offered Chris Wallace a chance to seat in as the Anchor person if he could get the ratting up when they had last years Presidential Debate where President -Elect Trump was asked some demeaning questions from Megan Kelly and Chris Wallace never intervened, making it so Unfair and imbalanced just to… Read more »