VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Tells the Damning Truth About MS-13 and ISIS

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Duane Bowen

These street gangs can’t be blamed for their actions. They were abused as kids. They didn’t see the use of getting an education. They have no morals or ethics. They contribute nothing but terrible acts to American society. In other words, they are what Obama would call “model citizens” who badly need government subsidies and continued assistance. They are what the liberals want, people that automatically vote democratic.

Andy Schuck

Can’t be blamed for their actions….GET REAL

Duane Bowen

Mr. Schuck,
My father did three tours of duty in the south pacific in the Second World War after he and my mother had previously left high school in the middle of the Great Depression in the mid west during the Dust Bowl. Do you actually think my childhood was all that wonderful. My parents were constantly mad! I ignored them and when onto a successful life- WITH NOTHING FREE EVER PROVIDED FOR ME AT ANY TIME!
All you really have to do is WANT IT BAD ENOUGH!!!
Although, they did make me a strong stubborn son-of-a-bitch!