Voter Fraud Revealed In Swing State

A total of 42 ineligible voters went to the polls in Putnam County, Fla., according to a Thursday report from the Florida Times-Union.

The ineligible votes came from deceased persons, convicted felons, or people who weren’t registered residents of the state of Florida, according to the report.

The election in question was a local sheriff’s race between Sheriff Homer DeLoach, a Democrat, and Jonathan Kinney, a Republican. DeLoach won the race in 2016 by only 16 votes.

The original tally showed that Kinney led by 18 votes, but a state-mandated audit revealed that as many as 430 ballots didn’t appear in the original count because they weren’t uploaded to the county’s server on election night.

Originally published by the Daily Caller.

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C. Allen Doudna

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