This is Why Border Wall Contractors Are Fearing Their Lives

Proposed drawings of the border wall promised by President Donald Trump include plans for bombproof concrete, solar panels, and a fiber optic tunnel detection system. Contractors expressed concern about attacks during the construction process and received numerous death threats for bidding on the project.

Officials are expected to choose 4-10 companies to build a prototype section of wall to demonstrate their bid’s viability and effectiveness. Officials with knowledge of the plan spoke to the Daily Mail on condition of anonymity and said the prototypes would be built on a quarter-mile strip of federally owned land near San Diego.

The Trump Administration began seeking bids to build prototypes of the wall in February, Breitbart Texas reported. More than 300 companies quickly signed up to present proposals on how to take the President’s vision and promise to reality.

Expressing concern over security during the construction process, bidders asked how the government would respond to help their crews if they came under “hostile attack,” the Daily Mail reported. Another company expressed the desire to allow their workers to carry a sidearm for self-defense. They want the government to protect them and their workers from lawsuits if the use of deadly force became necessary.



Originally published by Breitbart.

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Norman Miles

I am sure too, that contractors will have to guard their equipment as well as the project itself on a 24 hour basis. No doubt there will be attacks and destruction from both sides of the border.


Reason: there is fear, it is well know for decades, that left wingers, aka: democrats, liberals, protesters are violent, been going on for decades. No sugar coating. Seen all these dirty mfers at Trump rallies, and all violent trash when Soros and the dems funded Occupy Wall St.

Mixture V ranks

BobUSAFret: You are right as rain! Drug cartels and coyotes have not only threatened American citizens living near the border, they have actually damaged or destroyed their property and/or seen to it in some cases that American citizens, who did not permit their illegal activities, were murdered.

elmer johnson

And Dem’s are against having guns! Mmmmm go figure.