Tough-Cop Congressman Shows The Truth About “Innocent” Illegals [VIDEO]

Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA), former law enforcement officer who has been called the “Cajun John Wayne”, recently showed what Border Patrol agents have to face from illegals, and what they have to do to protect themselves. Watch the video.

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Jay P.
Somehow, the truth about what goes on at the border will eventually, come to light. Gratitude and infinite thanks should be given to the Congressman for his introductory video of the facts about the little bastards and their ‘pebbles’ at the border. Those ‘children’ at the border and the dangerous projectiles they antagonize and assault our border patrol agents with, need to be fully exposed and caught in the act on camera- a feat that not one single msm reader repeater would dare touch, or probably even survive. The truth would kill the rr’s before those little future illegal invader… Read more »

Well said. Agree 100%.

Glenn Shannon

Totally agree with you Pete