Illegal Immigrant’s Lobbyist Move Will Hurt Americans

Business and ethnic lobbies are trying to keep Georgia residents in the dark whenever the federal government is forced to release illegal alien criminals back onto the streets, says D.A. King, founder of a pro-American immigration reform group in the state.

The business groups are using their allies in the state Senate to divert, delay and then defeat a transparency bill — dubbed HG 452 — that has already been approved almost unanimously by Republican and Democratic legislators in the State House, said King, who founded the Dustin Inman Society to push for immigration reform. According to King:

HB 452 is a simple, one page bill that allows and requires the [Georgia Bureau of Investigation] to share information with we the people and Georgia sheriffs that it is already receiving from the feds regarding the release onto the streets of Georgia of convicted, criminal aliens. This list includes murderers, rapists, child molesters and kidnappers.


Originally published by Breitbart.

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Donald Rowe

Bill seems to make perfect sense to me. If the govt. is putting these types of criminals on our streets, the very least they could do is let us know, even though it may offend your very sensitive side, we, the people, the sometimes comparatively dense people, really would appreciate being able to defend ourselves. And just knowing that there may be more people here illegally, that would just as soon slit our collective throats and walk off with our watches, jewelry and money.