[VIDEO] Things Got Ugly During this Woman’s Pro-Trump Video

Kiara Robles attempted to attend a political speech at University of California-Berkeley Wednesday night, but found herself being pepper-sprayed by a radical leftist protester instead.

The event, a speech by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannapoulos, was canceled when protests against it turned into a riot. That’s when Kiara found herself outside with the mob wearing a red “Make Bitcoin Great Again” hat, which looks nearly identical to a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat.

At the end of an interview with a local TV station, Kiara was blindsided with pepper spray from a female rioter.


Originally published by The Daily Caller.

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Mr. Magoo

I watched this video twice before they cut out the part where the girl gets pepper sprayed. What a bunch of cowards these people are! It won’t surprise me in the least when a bunch of these chicken $hitt PAID RIOTERS meet up with a few of us veterans, rednecks, and mountain folks…they will be taught a lesson on civility!!